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Smart Money

LEARN MORE SUBSCRIBE The Hudson Terminal gives you all the information you need to make faster, smarter, better investing decisions.
Reduce the guesswork from your directional trading strategy and analysis.
Leverage the sharpest source of executed trade volume data to better forecast future price swings.

The Hudson Terminal empowers decision makers with powerful market timing information. At the core of our software is our ability to deliver data, information and analytics to individual and corporate investors globally through innovative technology.

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Hudson Metrics is a global provider of high performance professional trading software and services for institutional and individual investors.
From trading courses, to live trading room, to trading systems and platforms, scroll down to find out more about our services.
“Our purpose is a Variation in Quality for the financial industry. Carelessness or inattention to details limit goals. Let’s not be fooled by the apparent casualness of the financial markets. It is serious business. And one must decide if to be at the high or low end of the scale.
Because over-performance is an active decision, broadening the scope of opportunity in bull markets and in bear markets.”

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 The Smart Money are fast. And they work in disguise. Follow them. When the time is right, they make their move. They stay under the radar by splitting large orders across multiple exchanges utilizing smart routing technology. Concealing the total size of their play. Executing in microseconds. And you can now follow their moves.

Turn information into profits


Smart Money

Our AI identifies Smart Money transactions by analyzing various data points as each order hits the tape (time and sales) including the order type, order size, the order volume, average price and other detailed information. Our algorithmic software tracks down only substantial transactions, filtering out the noise. Every order that the Hudson Terminal® reports has a great potential of being market moving.
You no longer need to analyze data or charts. Realtime Order Flow data is brought to you with sound and popup alerts.

Turn information into profits


Pursue Winning Strategies

Forecast trends that can generate growth opportunities and transform your business. Identify market trends from detailed information and turn them into actionable ideas for your executive team.

Turn information into profits 

Follow the Smart Money

Identify Substantial Transactions with a high potential to move the market.

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