Over-performance is an active decision, broadening the scope of opportunity in bull and bear markets.

Without a solid understanding of performance drivers and key market control points, there is no guarantee on “hitting the target” or pointing in the right direction. A key component for successfully working through performance gaps in the financial market is the enhancement of a firm's timing skills to dig into fast and sharp market opportunities. Hudson Metrics works with a number of banks, hedge funds, family offices and HNWIs to identify critical areas of inefficiency.  Through a sophisticated re-engineering process, we transform them into advantages for optimal market performance.

With more than 20 years of Market experience, we pride ourselves on creating accurate and reliable models. You can access proprietary data from our world-class strategies through a variety of cost-effective solutions that we’ve designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We deliver these solutions through our reliable training model. Our variety of products were developed to meet the needs of all data consumers large, small and everything in between.


Algo Trading

Our predictive analytics provide several important clues to help determine these trends. Our Algos predict changes in market trend direction with stunning precision and consistency. Predictive technical models provide guidance on when to enter trades earlier, place stops at optimal levels, and stay in winning trades longer. Armed with reliable information, investors can confidently get in and out of trades at the optimal time.


Managed Accounts

Quality of information is usually a guiding principle for effective investment strategies. But in today’s data-saturated world, wealth management firms are instead often tempted to opt for the shell-shock approach, making it difficult for clients to distinguish between the absolute and the irrelevant. With a wide range of capabilities, Hudson Metrics can create custom solutions tailored to unique situations, in order to respond to complexity in a simple, linear and straight forward manner.

(Exclusively dedicated to sophisticated investors)



There is no one single thing that creates a consistently profitable trader, it is a build up of skills and knowledge – it is our aim at Hudson Metrics to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a consistently profitable trader.



A unique approach.

We convert technology values into business economic and financial concepts that make sense to decision makers. Our commitment to unmatched technology, industry excellence, sound strategy, integrity and putting our clients' interests first has led to our successful reputation in the industry. Our fiduciary responsibility to our individual and institutional clients guides every decision we make.

We drive business growth & success, building and driving investment opportunities with powerful ideas.

Knowledge, innovation and execution effectiveness are core elements to our business. Our growth and success results from merging of investment opportunities, creating innovating tools and executing sound strategies. We continuously strive to understand the market, provide the most sound advice and execute Alpha strategies that provide optimal solutions to meet clients' needs.


AI Based Investing

Google search queries for “Robo-Advisor” yield 450.000 results and there are to 200 Robo-Advisors in 15 countries as of today. And while all of them make wide use of the term, the offerings themselves vary significantly.

Estimates for the future Robo-Advisory market by several well-known institutes predict between $2.5 trillion and $4 trillion in assets to be managed with the support of Robo-Advisory services in 2020. By the year 2025 this figure is expected to rise to over $20 trillion asset under management (AuM), roughly three times the amount of assets managed by BlackRock, the World’s biggest asset manager to date.

Robo-Advisory is a key topic representing highest relevance in terms of the future of the Wealth and Investment Management market.

Hudson Metrics will play a major role in the industry by focusing on competing not only on the technology side but chiefly on Performance.


Market Timing

Hudson Metrics offers stock market timing models that use applied mathematics, hundreds of tried and proven technical indicators, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence in its quantitative models to help gain profits in any market condition, Bull or Bear. The fundamental ability of Hudson Metrics is to identify Crucial Points where the market changes direction and then to enter the trend in a timely manner, limiting draw-downs and maximizing profits.

With the service NasDax Hudson Metrics gives investors the opportunity to succeed using tactical asset allocation and market timing strategies


Institutional Coaching

The secret to long term success for Finance Professionals is no longer limited to maintaining a lifelong relationship with clients. Investors today have a higher degree of information and technical expertise which bring higher expectations in terms of Performance but also better communication skills when dealing with a Financial Advisor.

It is crucial for any Financial Advisor to develop those technical skills that are now crucial in not only acquiring clients but especially in maintaining them in the long run.

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High-Frequency Market Timing Service For Professional Investment Managers and HNWI

Asset allocation decisions, particularly those involving market timing, create both opportunities and pitfalls for investors. In the aftermath of the financial market crashes, many investors seek protection of capital through market timing or tactical asset allocation strategies. The popularity of high-frequency tactical asset allocation has increased both among professional investment managers and individual high-net-worth investors.

NasDax explores opportunities for enhancing returns using high-frequency tactical asset allocation and market timing, and limits the challenges posed by market timing, including higher costs and the risk of missing the best-performing days of the market.

With NasDax you can access our high-frequency trading floor every day being able to grasp all major trading opportunities on the Dax, Nasdaq, SP500 and Dow Jones indices, with the highest percentage of winning rate.