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Corporate Advisory

The Hudson Terminal empowers decision makers with powerful market timing information. At the core of our software is our ability to deliver data, information and analytics to individual and corporate investors globally through innovative technology.

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Alpha is not static, nor are the sources that generate it.

We Work With

Hedge Funds, Family Offices, HNWIs, Corporations, Asset Managers, Financial Advisors.


We are uniquely positioned to guide investors to new alpha-generating opportunities

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Our job is to identify investment opportunities with an attractive risk adjusted return

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As an investment solutions provider with multi-asset capability and a fiduciary mindset, we focus on innovation and changing the investment industry for the better

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Hudson Metrics: Investment Solutions Provider

We specialize in finding, researching and monitoring the best market opportunities.

We work with Asset Managers Banks Hedge Funds Corporations HNWI

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The Investment Process

Step 1: Identify The Opportunity

We identify and isolate the best investment opportunities offering the best risk-adjusted total returns. Then we find the best in class, specialist managers who can execute on the investment opportunity.

Step 2: Modelling

We work to model the optimal execution plan to help ensure we are isolating the investment opportunity, benefiting from its particular strengths and maximizing the fitting with the rest of the portfolio.

Step 3: Value Generation

We help deliver value for money, by working with asset managers on the scalability of the ideas which we pass through to our clients.

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