I have always had a keen interest in how people used the information available on the financial markets. My approach to finding out was to speak with people sitting all day at the trading desks of important financial institutions to understand if there was a main stream of information used to detect market moves and take sharp actions. I used this information in an analytical way to find out, to my surprise, that there was no main link between their strategies and no main stream of information able to influence decisions on a consistent basis.

In much the same analytical way I examine, study and think about my approach to the market, consistently. The result is a systematic way of taking actions on the most volatile financial markets. A systematic way of thinking that helped me survive as a trader in the recent years, performing more than anyone I know. 

I would like you to think of me as a very special type of financial markets professional, because I might not have a vision of the market in line with what you are probably used to.

I have recently discussed some of the critical issues in trading volatile markets, which are becoming a norm. Well, the major points include the increase of the speed at which the markets are moving and the consequent changes to the time paradigm, dramatically reshaping the speed of our decisional processes and capabilities.

In any meeting or event, I have a significant number of professionals who know absolutely nothing about Market Timing. Always a little bit of a surprise, but I guess to be expected. I imagine that these people were not introduced to the needed concepts or are in a rush and just don’t have time to… well, Time The Market. At least they do usually know that being a performing banker is better than simply being able to sell something.

Then I have the professionals who are already performing but not as much as they could/want. Here is where I find even greater potential of working in the most productive way. All they need is to have an open mind and clients with Top Expectations

One of my recent consulting assignments put me in front of one of the most performing bankers in New York. At the beginning I thought there was nothing for me to do there. But after three weeks working with him we achieved something he “never had seen before”.

My purpose is a Variation in Quality for the financial industry. Carelessness or inattention to details limit goals. Let’s not be fooled by the apparent casualness of the financial markets. It is serious business. And one must decide if to be at the high or low end of the scale.

P. Alessandro Lualdi
CEO of Hudson Metrics