Goldman Channel®: First-Rate Market Timing Tool.


The Goldman Channel® responds to the need for better buying and selling prices on currency, stocks and ETFs or any other asset class, helping our institutional clients to optimize their investments even on the most volatile financial instruments. 

Main Advantage: Buy Low, Sell High.

One of the most important market rules is “Buy Low, Sell High.” It’s simple. It’s concise. It is pure genius. But it is probably the most ignored stock market rule of all. Most investors, institutional and private,  do not “Buy Low and Sell High.” Most investors don't even come close to "Buy Low and Sell High."

They don’t because most investors live in a world that is surrounded by fear. Most investors don't buy anything because "the market is so low" or because "the market is so high". Investing in stocks when no one else seems to want them is a recipe for capital gain opportunities that many investors seem to continually miss. And investing in stocks that are retracing in an uptrend is even more rewarding. But fear and lack of technical knowledge are a big problem.

Rather as nuclear physics makes sense of the world by looking at the smallest particles of matter, so breaking down financial instruments into their smallest constituents can lead to powerful insights into the pricing and allocation of even the most complex assets. This unique approach, which studies the most basic forms of financial instruments and contracts, promises to shape the future of finance.

Particle finance will lead financiers to strip out risks at will bringing a great prize within their grasp, because firms will be able to lay off the kind of risk they want to, and to just the degree they want to. In the same way, investors will take on precisely the risk that most suits them.

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