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Institutional advisory

Hudson Metrics became a leading market research firm for financial advisors, funds, insurance firms and high-net-worth-individuals by focusing on the clear strategy to deliver value to our clients. Our client relationship is completely confidential. Although we work with most of the leading firms in the industry, we do not publicize our client list, nor do we share details about our clients investment strategy. And in the further effort to respect our clients privacy, we do not advertise the results of our research.

Corporate Advisory

Hudson Metrics specializes in Publicly Traded Companies that need to be in control of the value of their stock in order to manage the high risk of stock price volatility.

High Net Worth Individuals Advisory

Quality of information is usually a guiding principle for effective investment strategies. But in today’s data-saturated world, wealth management firms are instead often tempted to opt for the shell-shock approach, making it difficult for clients to distinguish between the absolute and the irrelevant. With a wide range of capabilities, Hudson Metrics can create a custom solution tailored to unique situations, in order to respond to  complexity in a simple, linear and straight forward manner.


We are constantly scanning the industry in search for opportunities to acquire smart businesses in the financial services arena. We recently selected a Wall Street based company as one of the most interesting and advanced companies in the fintech industry and on November 21st 2017 we acquired it in order to improve our strategic offer. The acquisition broadens in fact Hudson Metrics' portfolio of proprietary, actionable data, insights and business intelligence. Through this acquisition, Hudson Metrics is now the top choice for Market Timing and strategic investing, supporting service innovation for the asset management community. This acquisition expands Hudson Metrics' proprietary asset management and financial industry data sets by introducing a unique series of strategic models of Market Timing.

Hudson Metrics is an International Firm Dedicated To Market Timing.

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