A unique approach

We convert technology values into business concepts, economic and financial metrics that make sense to financial and business decision makers.

Throughout our distinguished history, we commit to putting our Clients' interests first. This fiduciary responsibility defines our relationship with individual and institutional clients and educates the basis of every decision we make on their behalf.

Focus on alpha genarating strategies

We drive business growth & success, building and driving investment opportunities with powerful ideas. Knowledge, Innovation, Effectiveness. These core principles are the foundation of our business. Every day, we work to understand and fulfill our clients' needs, offer educated advice and execute strategic analysis to generate Alpha and provide superior client solutions.

Over-performance is an active decision

Over-performance is an active decision, broadening the scope of opportunity in bull markets and in bear markets. Without a solid understanding of the performance drivers and the key market control points, there is no guarantee that you are hitting the target or that you are even pointed in the right direction. A key component for working through performance gaps is the enhancement of a firm's timing skills to dig into fast and sharp market opportunities. Hudson Metrics works with Banks, Hedge Funds, Family Offices  and HNWIs on the identification of critical areas of inefficiency and through a sophisticated re-engineering process transforms criticalities into advantages.

Technology and competitive advantages

Technological excellence is one of the principal drivers of Hudson Metrics. It plays a major role in our industry structural change, as well as in creating new industry standards. And Technology is also a great equalizer, eroding the competitive advantage of even well-entrenched firms and propelling others to the forefront.

Hudson Metrics relentlessly works to expand its technology content and to grow it's position towards the biggest market competitors, helped by the unique advantage of being the first firm in the World to offer precision tools for investing to both institutional and individual investors.

No conflict of interest

The presence of Conflicts of Interest is one of the biggest issues in the financial industry. At Hudson Metrics we eliminate any possible wall between us and our client's best interest, guaranteeing the highest grade of service without any conflict of interest.

Hudson Metrics is an International Firm Dedicated To Market Timing.

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