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We convert technology values into business concepts, economic and financial metrics that make sense to financial and business decision makers.

We convert technology values into business economic and financial concepts that make sense to decision makers. Our commitment to unmatched technology, industry excellence, sound strategy, integrity and putting our clients' interests first has led to our successful reputation in the industry. Our fiduciary responsibility to our individual and institutional clients guides every decision we make.

Focus on alpha generating strategies

We drive business growth & success, building and driving investment opportunities with powerful ideas.

Knowledge, innovation and execution effectiveness are core elements to our business. Our growth and success results from merging of investment opportunities, creating innovating tools and executing sound strategies. We continuously strive to understand the market, provide the most sound advice and execute Alpha strategies that provide optimal solutions to meet clients' needs.


Over-performance: an active decision

Over-performance is an active decision, broadening the scope of opportunity in bull and bear markets.

Without a solid understanding of performance drivers and key market control points, there is no guarantee on “hitting the target” or pointing in the right direction. A key component for successfully working through performance gaps in the financial market is the enhancement of a firm's timing skills to dig into fast and sharp market opportunities. Hudson Metrics works with a number of banks, hedge funds, family offices and HNWIs to identify critical areas of inefficiency.  Through a sophisticated re-engineering process, we transform them into advantages for optimal market performance.

Technology and competitive advantages

Technological excellence is a principal driver at Hudson Metrics.It plays a major role in our industry structural change, as well as in creating new industry standards. And Technology is also a great equalizer, eroding the competitive advantage of even well-entrenched firms and propelling others to the forefront.


Hudson Metrics relentlessly works to expand its technology content and have a competitive advantage even when compared to the biggest market competitors.  We are the first firm in the World to offer precision investment tools for both institutional and individual investors.

Just like nuclear physics makes sense of the world by looking at the smallest particles of matter, breaking down financial instruments into their smallest constituents leads to powerful insights into pricing and allocation of even the most complex assets. This unique approach, which studies the most basic forms of financial instruments and contracts, promises to shape the future of finance. 

Computational finance will lead financiers to strip out risks at will bringing a great prize within their grasp, because firms will be able to lay off the kind of risk they want to, and to just the degree they want to. In the same way, investors will take on precisely the risk that most suits them.

No conflict of interest

Conflicts of Interest is a huge issue in the financial industry. At Hudson Metrics we eliminate all possible walls hindering our clients’ best interest. With the utmost integrity and transparency, we proudly guarantee the highest possible service without such conflicts.

Risk Warning: Our service includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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